1. Thirty-Six Bee Cup

Cup is from an unknown (Madrone?) burl, 8″ diameter x 5″ tall. Bees turned from poplar dowel with ballhead pins for eyes, beading pins for legs, plastic file folder sheet for wings, and acrylic paints. Made in 2016.

Auctioned at 30th annual symposium of the AAW in Atlanta, June 2016, with 50% of proceeds going to the AAW Equal Opportunity grant program, and 50% to the Terry Fox Foundation for breast cancer research.

Here is the queen reviewing the troops:

The nine slightly larger bees in the back row are the drones.

This queen has attitude.

Comments on the Thirty-six Bee Cup from the World of Woodturners forum may be read here.

2. Plum Bobbus
Plum Bobbus is the low-hanging fruit of the Carpenter plant (Pen. dulum sp.).

After ripening, the fruit detaches from the suspending filament at the first rain. The eight leaves act as vanes and spin the fruit as it descends, flinging the green surface-mounted seeds in all directions.

Isaac Newton would be impressed. This fruit has gravitas.

Oh yes, it can write too.

3. Salad Bowl For A Long Table 
Currently sitting on a grand piano in New Mexico. Has no brakes so owners have been advised to chock the wheels before lifting piano lid.

(See Gallery 2 for larger image and details).

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