gallery1image1Pearl Grey Teapot
Pink ivory body with compressed cherry handle, acrylic paint,
and cultured freshwater pearls.
Dimensions: 3″ wide x 4″ high x 5″ long.

 Made for invited Teapot Exhibition at the annual meeting of the AAW, Hartford, CT, 2010.

As the crown indicates, this is a royal teapot, used by the Queen for formal occasions. Any resemblance to a tea-strainer is entirely coincidental. Everyone knows that Her Majesty does NOT use teabags. Serves one cup only.

A large number of comments were made on this piece by other wood artists when these three images were submitted to the World of Woodturners site in March 2010. These comments may be read here.

Additional photos:
Teapot TeapotCWeb
This first teapot was such an interesting challenge that in 2013 I made a second, Pot au Feu, which has a less formal pattern shown in Gallery 3:

Finally in 2015 I made a third, Dressed For Dinner, for the June 2015 AAW exhibition in Pittsburgh, Creativity in Construction – A Collaboration of Materials, once again from pink ivory wood with pearls, At the suggestion of the exhibition committee I also wrote a blog explaining the challenges and the details of how the piece was made, something which I hope will be of interest to viewers and collectors. This was an enjoyable activity and I may do this again. The blog may be read here.

Here is an image of Dressed For Dinner:

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