Perfume Bottle #2 
Pink Ivory wood with acrylic paint, (2015)
6” tall x 4.5” diameter

This vessel, a commission, is the second of two perfume bottles which I have made. The first, Essence of Lace, was made for the invited AAW exhibition Beyond Containment, the catalogue for which may be viewed at


Essence of Lace
Pink ivory wood with acrylic paint (2012)
5.75″ tall x 4.5″ diameter

“The fragrance in this little perfume bottle has long gone, and yet it is not lost forever. Years later, should we encounter this fragrance once again, the molecules trigger a memory of when we first met and we relive the moment as if it were yesterday.”

The very narrow neck made the hollowing out of this form extremely difficult. The stopper was turned separately. Comments from the World of Woodturners on this piece may be read by clicking here.

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