Pink Ivory wood; glass fibre whiskers (2005)
Dimensions 6.5″long x 4″high x 3.25″wide.

Yes, it is all turned. Can you figure out how?
A couple more photos:

In 2016 I made a new pierced mouse, Souris sans Sourire. Dimensions are similar to Lacemouse, but the body is birch, and the piercing pattern is different and more open.

An unpierced variation on Lacemouse is Flowermouse:
Flowermouse does not have much body piercing, but does have a pierced ear for his/her sterling silver earring. Larger images with details of the above two mice may be seen in Galleries #2 and #3
Several woodturners who have attended my demonstrations have been inspired to make unpierced mice of their own for children or grandchildren. Gordon Marshall in Nova Scotia has even made a segmented mouse.

A short video clip of collector Jane Mason discussing Lacemouse at the 2006 AAW symposium may be viewed below.

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