Bigleaf Maple Salad Bowl
11.5” dia x 5.25” (2003)

I have made many bowls, some decorative and some functional (for salad). Here are a few:

White Ash Crotch Salad Bowl (functional)
19.5” x 4.5” (2003)

Spalted Maple Bowl (decorative)
18” x 8” (2014)

Black Walnut Bowl (decorative)
13” dia x 6.5” (2014)

Black Walnut Salad Bowl (functional)
18” x 4” (~ 2006)

Bigleaf Maple burl (2011).
Lorraine Mitchelmore, President of Shell Canada, receiving the Ultimate Award from Tree Canada CEO Michael Rosen
in recognition of Shell’s $1 million in support of Tree Canada.

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